Beta Public Presents - 19th - 22nd April 2016 - Camden People's Theatre

Beta Public Presents Poster.jpg

Beta Public Presents was a series of late night salons exploring the themes of co-operation, avatars and choreography through the usual mix of performances, games and wild experimentation.

Tuesday 19th - Co-operation:
Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes by Steel Crate Games
Holding Hands, a talk about the games of Game Oven by Pat Ashe

Wednesday 20th - Avatars:
Heart Of Glass by johnsmith
Cibele by Nina Freeman
Unmanned by Molleindustria & Jim Munroe

Thursday 21st - Performance:
Foldscape by Porpentine
The Entertainment, a play for theatre and PC by Cardboard Computer, directed by Thomas Martin

Friday 22nd - Choreography:
Demoscene work by Paul Grenfell
Dance Peas by Figs in Wigs

Poster Design by Lottie Pencheon: